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Negative Time Solving Contest 2018

There were 22 participants representing 4 countries.


The submission form is closed, but you can email Lucas Garron if you participated and still want to submit your result.

3x3x3 Speedsolve

Rank Name Country Negative Time 🎥 ▶️ Comment
1 Harris Chan Canada -59min, 52.04sec 🎥 ▶️ OLL skip
2 Paris Dorn Canada -59min, 51.88sec
3 Krish Shah-Nathwani United States of America -59min, 51.85sec
4 AJ Kamal United States -59min, 51.45sec
5 Austin Reed United States -59min, 50.03sec As an Arizona native, this was my first time ever doing this since I just moved to New York. Fun stuff!
6 Devin Corr-Robinett USA -59min, 49.46sec
7 Christopher Chi United States -59min, 48.44sec Wasn't warmed up at all and locked up a ton because I was tired lol
8 Alexander Crush Australia -59min, 47.46sec Extremely easy Red Cross, but I locked up.
9 Jeremy Fleischman United States -59min, 47.36sec Particularly exhausted this year. Good luck everyone!
10 Rowan Fortier USA -59min, 45.624sec beat last year by two seconds!
11 Lucas Garron USA -59min, 45.37sec 🎥 ▶️ :-(
12 Chris Hardwick United States -59min, 44.87sec ▶️ I was not planning to compete this year since sleep is precious with a 10 month old baby. However, Thane was up for over an hour late tonight and by the time I finally got him to sleep it was only about 15 minutes to the time change. It seems the cubing gods really wanted me to participate this year! :p
13 Matthew McMillan United States -59min, 42.28sec Part of WPI's negative time solving contest
14 Livio Stössel Switzerland -59min, 41.81sec
15 Thomas Vagnini USA -59min, 38.58sec WPI
16 JP Bulman USA -59min, 47.24sec WPI cube club rocks!
17 Kymberlyn Calderon United States -59 min, 50.70sec Messed up last f2l pair lol
18 Sean Hartman USA -59min, 46sec 🎥 really bad time(6 seconds slower than avg), but wasn’t warmed up at all
20 Chris Tandiono USA -59min, 27sec

3x3x3 Blindfolded

Rank Name Country Negative Time Reconstruction Comment
1 Mike Hughey USA -58min, 31.79sec ▶️ Good speed for a safety solve!
2 Lucas Garron United States -54min, 48.29sec *woo* just gotta keep successes going :-D


Rank Name Country Negative Time Comment
1 Calvin Nielson USA -59min, 50.51sec Tired

3x3x3 With Feet

Rank Name Country Negative Time Comment
1 Adrian Guzman USA -25min, 8sec tired

The Scrambles

The 3x3x3 scramble for 2018 is below.

D L' F' L2 B' U' F' U2 D R2 B2 U2 R U2 R' D2 L2 F2 L2

Other Challenges

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