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Negative Time Solving Contest

Negative Time is your yearly chance to solve a cube in negative time as Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends and time falls back one hour. Negative Time falls in autumn, although the date varies greatly based on where you are:

See to check the clock change schedule in your area, and the for the exact current time.

The Contest

The contest has taken place every year since 2004. This challenge statement by then-Caltech undergrad Tyson Mao explains its origin:

There is only one day of the year where one can leave the drudgery of Caltech academic life and sprint off for a chili burger, chili dog, and chili fries in a timely manner. A very timely manner indeed... so timely that one can actually return before he departs.

This is the way of the Negative-Time Tommy's run. On one day of the year, a little bit before the first 2 AM, Caltech students hop in their cars and make a dash for the original Tommy's in Beverly Hills for some items with a lot of chili. The goal is to simply return before you left…

I challenge all of you to take part in the negative time solving tradition. We will have a website with the one, yes only ONE scramble which you will use for this entire year…

See Macky's site for information about previous negative time contests.

The Rules

By submitting your time(s), you indicate that you are following these rules:

In addition:

2019 Contest

The 3x3x3 scramble for 2019 is below. This is the only Negative Time Solving 3x3x3 speedsolve scramble for 2019. Do not use it before the real attempt:

D F D2 R' D' L U' R' F' B' R' U2 L' B2 R' B2 R2 D2 R

Other Challenges

Scrambles for all WCA events are this ZIP file. For other challenges, use your own scrambles.


Please submit your results for 2019 using this form and come back after November 2019 to see everyone's results.

Past results are at: