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Negative Time Solving Contest 2020

There were 25 participants across 4 countries and 6 events.

3x3x3 Speedsolve

Rank Name Country Negative Time 🎥 ▶️ Comment
1 Daniel Karnaukh USA -59min, 53.18sec Whoa cool solve Ab perm at the end
2 Rowan USA -59min, 52.38sec fantastic!
3 James Quinn USA -59min, 51.84sec ▶️
4 Zeke Mackay USA -59min, 51.53sec bad
5 Ben Baron Israel -59min, 51.35sec I was very tired
6 Patrick Hetco Germany -59min, 50.42sec
7 Lucas Garron USA -59min, 50.04sec 🎥 ▶️ My first sub -59:50.00, which means this is the lowest result I've ever had for any solve! 😃😃😃
8 Jason Ostdiek USA -59min, 49.92sec
9 Erik Cheng USA -59min, 49.61sec Couldn't even figure out my reconstruction because I messed up F2L too many times lol
10 Jeremy Fleischman USA -59min, 49.51sec Thanks Lucas for keeping this tradition going!
11 Harris Chan Canada -59min, 49.35sec 🎥 ▶️ Bad lock-up on G-perm.
12 Ian USA -59min, 47.90sec
13 Damian Bias USA -59min, 45.66sec
14 Clay Moore USA -59min, 45.58sec
15 Ben Wernli USA -59min, 44.74sec
16 Devin Corr-Robinett USA -59min, 43.42sec
17 Stone Amsbaugh USA -59min, 40.24sec 🎥 Got super nervous and did the wrong OLL, as well as turning horribly on everything else.
18 Rebecca Chung USA -59min, 28.16sec
19 David Reid USA -59min, 28.07sec
20 Lyle Lowry USA -59min, 21.24sec First time in a while that I both participated AND finished
21 Jasper Palmer Canada -59min, 13.22sec

3x3x3 Blindfolded

Rank Name Country Negative Time Comment
1 Draco Tong USA -52min, 41.04sec


Rank Name Country Negative Time 🎥 Comment
1 Mitchell Lane USA -57min, 55.17sec 🎥


Rank Name Country Negative Time 🎥 Comment
1 Calvin Nielson USA -59min, 47.96sec 🎥 Big dumb on my end

Mini Guildford

Rank Name Country Negative Time Comment
1 Braden Richards USA -55min, 25.06sec I had recording but during 3x3 and 2x2 the video froze and then corrupted. Really mad cause it was a decent mini guildford too. real time was 4:35.94.

Master Magic

Rank Name Country Negative Time Comment
1 Lyle Lowry USA -59min, 51.47sec terrible, but definitely a wr

The Scrambles

The 3x3x3 scramble for 2020 is below.

B D' F' R' F U2 R' F' R2 U2 F' D2 L2 B' R2 B' U' F2 U'

Other Challenges

Scrambles for all WCA events are this ZIP file.